ARC Team Management
Single ARC Distribution
Proofing Services
Hourly Services
ARC Team Management
  • New Releases and back titles per author's request
  • Create Sign up forms
  • Manage signups for new members
  • Manage ARC requests
  • Send ARC's
  • Follow up with individual review requests
  • Create and Maintain excel sheet for ARC team including links to reviewer profile and review links
  • Create Blacklist for non-reviewers
  • Manage all correspondence to and from ARC Team
  • Create MailChimp account to use for correspondence with ARC Team
  • Billed based on the hourly rate
Single ARC Distribution
  • Distribute a single ARC for up to two months
  • Distribute number of ARCs per author's request
  • Create Sign up form for opting in to receive ARC - send to Master ARC Team list of 500 members and to Author's existing Team
  • Manage ARC requests
  • Send ARC
  • Follow up with individual review requests
  • Create and Maintain excel sheet for ARC team including links to reviewer profile and review links
  • Create Blacklist for non-reviewers
  • Distribute ARC from my email and use my MailChimp account for communication
  • Billed at the hourly rate.
Proofing Services
  • Proof for typos and content
  • Proof for timeline issues
  • Provide general feedback as necessary
  • Identify possible plot holes or unanswered questions
  • Review with Grammarly for Contextual Spelling, Grammar, and Sentence Structure
  • Optional review with Grammarly for Punctuation, Style, and Vocabulary Enhancements
  • $15/10k billed at $0.0015/word
  • Rounded down to the nearest 100 words. (i.e. 17,587 words = $26.25)
  • Optional Grammarly add-on (for Punctuation, Style, and Vocabulary Enhancement)
    • $5/10k billed at $0.0005/word
  • Basic eBook formatting
  • Basic paperback formatting
  • Custom and Complex formatting available
  • Files for all vendors (KDP, Kobo, Apple Books, Nook, Generic ePub)
  • Formatting after a proofing order for the same title - $25 for eBook and Paperback bundle
  • Basic eBook - $35/title
  • Basic Paperback - $35/title
  • eBook and Paperback bundle - $50
  • Complex and Custom formatting billed at hourly rate
  • Submit a formatting order
Hourly Services
  • Hours tracked with Toggl
  • Use as many or as few hours as needed
  • No minimum
  • Can vary monthly depending on author needs
  • You need help, I can do it!
  • I'm happy to help with most services, except interacting on social media. I prefer the behind the scenes tasks.
  • $15/hour
  • Billed the 1st of the following month services are rendered
  • Recycle Social Media Posts - Use Author's existing service such as Post Planner or Twittimer to repost/recycle author's previous posts
  • Schedule posts in Author's Facebook Group
  • Newsletters - Create Newsletter per Author's requirements
  • Manage Newsletter Swaps
    • Use a Google form to post in swap groups
    •  Send swap confirmations once author approves swaps
    •  Track swap confirmations
  • Media Kits - Create media kit from information provided
  • Create 3d book images from eBook cover
  • Create Paperback cover PDF from ebook Cover
  • Setup Google Forms
  • Mail Swag/Giveaways
  • Manage subscriber lists
  • Monitor Author email inbox for subscriber contact
  • Update Website
  • Redesign Website
  • Schedule blog posts
  • Book Promos for Author
  • Gift eBooks from Amazon, Apple Books, or similar
  • Monthly Bookkeeping
    • Track receipts in Excel
    • Organize by category
    • Create a PDF file with all receipts for the month
    • Track different Pennames
  • ARC Team Management
  • Smaller Proofing orders - Segments for special uses such as Patreon or Newsletter campaigns
  • Setup Sendy Newsletter Services
    • Create Database on your Webhost
    • Install Sendy
    • Copy drip campaign from existing service
    • Create Newsletter Template
    • Import Contact Lists
  • Upload books to retailers - KDP, Apple Books, Kobo, GooglePlay, etc.
  • Update Book Back Matter
  • Update Vellum Files