“Charity goes above and beyond, with every single task–be it proofreading, building and managing my ARC team or helping with the newsletter. Hiring her has been my best investment ever.” ~ Alix Nichols

“Charity is a delight to work with, always reliable and professional. She is organized and prompt with tasks. I have wondered time and again how I was able to function without her before.” ~ Michelle Jo Quinn, Author

“Working with Charity has been such a relief! When my PA needed time off, Charity jumped in and was up to speed in no time. Having her on my team is like having a direct line to a superhero to save me from my author life whenever I need it, not to mention giving me more time to write. I loved her work so much that even when my other PA came back, I kept Charity on, too! HIRE HER!” ~ Miranda Honfleur

“Charity Chimni is a kind and attentive proofreader. I greatly appreciate the detail, time, and knowledge she puts into her corrections. You’d have a hard time finding a better help to authors than this talented and lovely lady.” ~ Author

“I really enjoy working with Charity. She has an amazing eye for detail, and catches all those little things that get missed no matter how many times a manuscript goes through edits. She works quickly, and is accurate, professional, and friendly. Definitely A+ when it comes to proofreading.” ~ Allyson Lindt, best selling contemporary romance author

“I truly appreciate the edits that Charity so kindly sends me.  She finds content and grammatical errors that have gone unseen and slipped by editors.  She has a great eye and I can’t thank her enough for polishing up my manuscripts!” ~ Willow Winters

“I almost hate to gush about how much I love Charity’s services because I hate to have to share her! After only a few days of working with her, I wondered how I’d ever done all this without her. She’s professional, organized, creative, and always a step ahead of me. I love that she’s so self-directed. My ARC team and Facebook promos work like clockwork with very little input from me. I highly recommend her services!”  ~ Amy Lamont, Romance Author

“Charity is an amazing proofreader. She’s really good at catching things nobody else sees. If I’m in a crunch on a release and just want that extra set of eyes on a new book before I release it, Charity is very good about jumping in and doing a quick but thorough read on the book to give me some peace of mind. I’m so glad she found me!” ~ Sam Cheever, USA Today Bestselling Author

“I can’t live without Charity’s eagle eye and truly love working with her. I love her tough love because it keeps me accountable and I know that she only wants the best for me.” ~ Tia Lewis

“Charity has been a huge help in polishing up my books! I appreciate her eye for detail and the errors she finds that have slipped by betas and editors. If you need a proofreader, look no further!” ~ Lauren Landish

“Charity is a fantastic proofreader! She has saved the day for me time and time again and her work is spot-on! So glad I found her!” ~ Frankie Love

“I always appreciate Charity’s keen eye for detail. She’s very efficient and turns things around ahead of deadline.” ~ Louise Bay

“Charity has been invaluable in expanding my ARC team and managing it. I know when she is handling the team, I never have to worry about anything because she runs it with professionalism, and a flawless ease that makes it seem effortless. She has expanded my reach through her management of the team and I’m thrilled with that! In addition, she’s been fantastic as a proofreader and beta reader and catches things even I have missed! I love working with Charity and can’t recommend her highly enough!” ~ Megan Ryder

“I’m hesitant to endorse Charity merely because I’m selfish–I don’t want her to get so busy she doesn’t have time for me! LOL She’s without a doubt the best author’s PA I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She’s a self-starter, coming up with new ideas and ways to improve the work flow or task at hand. She’s fun. She’s efficient. She’s friendly. She’s a great cheerleader, offering a positive, caring statement when I get discouraged. Having Charity as a PA, I can focus more on the writing and let her handle the posts and the newsletters and other details that overwhelm me. I highly recommend her services!” ~ NYT Bestselling Author, Calinda B

“When I hand my book off to Charity, I know she’ll catch the snafus that slipped past my beta readers, my editor and me. She’s a rock star proofreader, the extra set of eyes I count on to finish polishing the story before publishing. I’m thankful for her proficiency and her sweet and easy manner.”  
~ Gracen Miller

“Charity is an editor/reader who will not only do an amazingly efficient job, but she’ll go above and beyond to ensure that you are satisfied with the finished product.  I highly recommend her services!”  ~ Lana Sky

“Working with Charity has been a dream come true! She’s fast, and most importantly, has eagle eyes. My manuscripts are spotless, thanks to her!” ~ USA Today Bestselling Author, Tessa Layne

“Charity is always professional, detail-oriented and thorough, exactly what I need in a proofreader. Not to mention she’s generally awesome to deal with, she truly cares about your success! I highly recommend her for your author needs.” ~ Maggie Way, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Managing an author business can be time consuming and overwhelming, Charity eases that burden. Not only is she professional, but creative and flexible. She’s amazing! Without her my time to do what’s essential for my business, write, is greatly reduced.” ~ Kristi Rose, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Charity is a lifesaver for this very disorganized all-over-the-place author. She’s professional, very organized, and is instrumental in getting my work out there on time and looking great. She also keeps me accountable to the many projects I commit myself to, and making sure I keep my eye on my deadlines.”​ ~ Liz Durano

“I’m so happy I found Charity and her review service. She takes care of a task that’s difficult to accomplish, and gets results! She’s fast, professional, and well organized.” ~ Aileen Harkwood

“It was a great pleasure to work with Charity; I’m so glad a friend recommended her to me. She’s not only very reliable and professional, she’s also a very kind and lovely woman, with great people skills. She was  immensely supportive when I saw myself in a situation I suddenly needed a manuscript proofread a month before the date we’d initially agreed. I didn’t even have the time to fret about it, she quickly rearranged her plans and helped me out.” ~ Ana Simons

“Charity does everything a PA should do and more. She takes care of the tedious tasks that hinder me from my work, leaving me free to do what I love the most – writing!!!” ~ Penelope Marshall

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